Friday, July 31, 2009

Poze de la Festivalul Medieval de la Sighisoara 2009

Pozele sunt facute cu mobilul, ca nu am mai avut loc si de aparat prin bagaje si sunt mai ales cu standul nostru din fata Casei cu Cerb. Editia de anul asta a fost una destul de autentica, toate strazile cetatii fiind pline de praf din cauza reconstructiilor. Totusi atmosfera a fost faina, am cunoscut oameni noi de care ne-a placut si pe care am mai vrea sa ii vedem. Enjoy.

Update: am gasit poza asta cu simpaticii omuleti verzi trecand pe langa standul meu. Ei au fost prin tara toata vara imbratisand, inconjurand si jucand-se cu toata lumea. Mai multe despre mesajul lor eco aici.


Anonymous said...

I love the little pins that you sold in Sighisoara! They are adorable!

Have you considered selling your stuff at It is a site for selling hand-made gifts. That way you can reach out to more people :)

kimiru bijoux said...

I am very familiar with etsy, it is always a source of inspiration. I have considered posting some of my stuff on it but there are a few technicalities that I haven't solved yet. My credit account isn't pay pall and I'm not quite in theme with the delivery options. Maybe in the near future I will be there too. Thank you very much for your appreciation and your advice, they are very encouraging to me.

I wish you all the best!